Kidney Healthy Recipes is a resource site for kidney patients and their loved ones. Founded in 2020, Kidney Healthy Recipes is a kidney patient owned website, reviewed by registered dietitians, that is 100% independent. The main goal of this site is to provide kidney friendly recipes and up to date knowledge to help people with kidney disease protect and preserve their renal functions as much as possible.


Here are the people behind Kidney Healthy Recipes who have helped make this website a great source of knowledge for anyone living with kidney disease.

Roxanne Papineau

Registered Dietitian

Roxanne Papineau, RD, is a clinical dietitian specializing in nephrology and is also the president of the Regroupement des nutritionnistes en néphrologie du Québec (RNNQ). With over 15 years of experience in the field, she is a great help to the entire kidney community.

She is also the author of the book Santé rénale: 21 jours de menus aimed at promoting healthy food that can help preserve kidney function and help limit possible complications related to kidney disease.

Roxanne writes articles and reviews the content published on this site to ensure that it is appropriate for kidney patients and complies with the latest recommendations in nephrology.

Roxanne Papineau, RD, is a clinical dietitian specializing in nephrology.

Marc-Andre Vachon

HOME COOK & Kidney Patient

Marc-Andre is the official creator and cook of Kidney Healthy Recipes. He has been diagnosed with kidney disease since 2007 and has lived through the full spectrum of kidney function. He started out with 100% functioning kidneys and went on to dialysis.

Subsequently, he had the incredible chance to receive a kidney transplant for which he will always be grateful to all those who supported him, and especially his father who gave him a second life.

Food being one of the most critical aspects of kidney disease, he decided to create this website to provide a trusted source of recipes and nutrition articles for all kidney patients out there.

Marc-Andre Vachon, home cook and kidney patient.